How Helmuts Became the #1 Volvo Penta Parts Dealer in the U.S.

How Helmuts Became the #1 Volvo Penta Parts Dealer in the U.S.

Volvo Penta Parts

“We have the largest inventory of Volvo Penta parts in the United States,” boasted Helmut’s co-founder, Lisa Reichel, in the 1990’s. This is a huge honor in the industry, given that Volvo is renowned for its innovative engine technology and is one of the largest diesel manufacturers in the world. But there was only one problem with Lisa’s statement.

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She was making it up.

It wasn’t technically a lie since Vovlo never officially denied her claims, but Lisa certainly didn’t have verification for her assertion that our Bay Area marine parts dealer was top in the country. In fairness, it wasn’t a huge stretch of the imagination, given that Helmut’s unofficial motto has been “if you don’t have it, you can’t sell it”, and we’ve maintained a large Volvo Penta parts inventory because of this. But still, Lisa’s extravagant claim was probably embellished a tad.

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Volvo Penta Engine Service and Parts

For decades, Helmut’s has carved out a niche as Volvo marine experts, focusing on one premiere brand so we can offer the utmost expertise and service. We supply, service, and repair parts for diesel and gas engines, and we’re on a mission to ensure that we have the largest stock possible so our customers can get any Volvo marine part at any time. Because if you don’t have it, you can’t sell it.

Archival photo - Family owned business Helmut's Marine owner's daughter in Volvo Penta Parts overalls

Fluent in Volvo Marine Engines and Parts

And it’s about more than just having the parts. Our factory-trained staff is fluent in Volvo, ensuring that our customers get the exact parts they need, the service and technical guidance required to ensure proper installation, and friendly care along the way. Whether it’s for boat engine service, repair, or repowering, we have exhaustive knowledge on all of Volvo’s marine offerings.

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Building a Vast Volvo Penta Parts Inventory

Since our founding, Helmut’s has been building a Volvo Penta parts inventory that few dealers in the nation can match. Well, few, that is, until recently. Now it’s none, because Volvo officially named us the #1 parts dealer in the United States.

As it turns out, Lisa was right. She was just ahead of her time.

The Tech, the Specs, and the Expertise

We have the parts and the expertise to match. And we love being a resource for those who care as much about their boat as they do about being on the water, those who are intrigued by the tech and the specs and want to learn more from the experts. If you want to learn more about Volvo Penta marine parts, engines, or our services, reach out to us.