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A Passion for Boat Engines

What began as a young boy’s passion for boat engines grew into the first Volvo Power Center in the United States.

When Helmut was a child in Germany, his parents started a marina. Helmut quickly discovered that, not only did he love boats, he had an innate fascination with boat engines. He would even skip school to spend more time with the mechanics who worked at the marina. Most kids who skip school do so to avoid learning, but Helmut skipped to learn everything he could about marine engines.

His passion continued to grow, and he eventually became a master technician through Mercedes, and then trained with Volvo Penta Europe in Kiel, Germany, as well as Sweden, before taking over the family business.

Helmut's Marine History Volvo Penta Service
Helmuts kids

Bringing Volvo Penta to the Bay Area

Then, what began in Germany crossed the Atlantic and found a home in San Rafael, California.

When he was a young adult, Helmut’s parents moved to the Golden State to enter the wine industry. He emigrated shortly after that, relocating to the Bay Area to open up his own boat shop, which he aptly named Helmut’s Marine. The company initially operated out of an old building. But Helmut built up his parts inventory, focusing on one brand—Volvo Penta— expanding the business and adding more people to the Helmut’s Marine team before eventually moving operations.

The Passion is Discovered Again

It’s rare for someone’s passion to continue on to the next generation. But, in Helmut’s case, that’s exactly what happened.

Nadine, Helmut’s daughter, had followed in her grandparents’ footsteps and was working in the wine industry when her then boyfriend (now husband) Nate got an offer to join the family business. Nate had been working in the manufacturing engineering industry, and after initially joining the parts department, he applied his technical skills to lead Helmut’s Marine’s engine sales and applications department.

Helmut's Marine History Volvo Penta Service

Helmut’s Marine Today

Nadine decided to make a career switch, too, joining the team as the service writer. Then she made a surprising discovery—she has passion for boat engines, too. And, just like her father, she started learning everything she could from the experts. She began working in the service department and now manages the business as Vice President of Operations.

As a family-owned and operated business, Nate, Nadine, and Helmut have continued to expand Helmut’s Marine, doubling our facility size, increasing inventory, and adding more passionate team members who continually serve our customers, including yachters, sailboaters, families, hobbyists, and commercial fisherman.

Today, Helmut’s Marine continues its one brand focus. We’re here to help you with engines, parts, and service for your boat so you can enjoy your experience on the water. We share your passion for boating, and are here to help you get the most out of your marine experience.


Helmut’s Marine Service is committed to delivering high-quality marine services and products, prioritizing customer satisfaction, environmental responsibility, and community involvement. Our goal is to be a leading choice for marine enthusiasts and commercial operators alike, specializing in exclusively Volvo Penta products. We provide top-notch equipment, knowledgeable assistance from our factory trained staff, and outstanding service to ensure a reliable, enjoyable, and sustainable experience on the water.


helmuts marine rapid responseA Volvo Penta Rapid Response dealer must meet stringent standards. State-of-the-art facilities, diesel parts and tools, and top-notch training — coupled with mobile and fixed-service locations — are all part of a Rapid Response dealer’s commitment to your satisfaction. The Rapid Response service applies to boat owners with diesel engines still under Volvo Penta Warranty. Under this program we will send a technician to your boat within 24 hrs of your call. Our Rapid Response line is 800-326-5135 Ext. 7

helmuts marine action serviceAction Service is available to all Volvo Penta customers. In the event you need technical parts or service, Volvo Penta will locate the closest dealer to you and notify them of your problem. This service is free from Volvo Penta if your boat is covered under warranty. If your engines are out of warranty, there is a $50 fee paid to Volvo Penta. We suggest you call us directly if you are in our service area!

helmuts marine 72hours part guarenteeIn the event a part must be ordered for a Rapid Response call, Volvo Penta guarantees delivery within 72 hours from the Duluth, Georgia distribution center — or the part is free. *Some restrictions apply

helmuts marine warrantyClick here for full details on Volvo Penta’s warranty for both gas and diesel power packages.

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Reducing environmental impact is a global effort, and it’s one that we’re passionate about. Helmut’s Marine The Volvo Penta Green Commitment to benefit you and the environment.