Supporting Maui’s Recovery: Maui Food Bank Donation

Supporting Maui’s Recovery

Maui Food Bank Donation

Dear Valued Employees, Customers, and Colleagues,

Our hearts are heavy with sorrow as we grapple with the devastating news of the tragic fire that has swept through the beautiful island of Maui. The destructive power of such natural disasters hits close to home for us in Northern California, a region no stranger to the havoc that wildfires can wreak.

Our thoughts are with the people of Maui, who have been profoundly impacted by this catastrophe. The loss of homes, livelihoods, and the sense of security is an ordeal that no one should ever have to endure. In particular, our hearts go out to one of our very own employees and his family as well as our dealers and customers on Maui who have been affected by this disaster. In times like these, we are reminded of the strength of our bonds and the interconnectedness that defines our extended family.

While we wish we could do more to alleviate the suffering caused by these devastating fires, we are committed to making a meaningful contribution. As a business, we have chosen to donate to the Maui Food Bank, an organization that tirelessly works to provide aid and support to those affected by emergencies. We believe that coming together to support initiatives like this can make a difference.

If you too are inclined to assist and contribute, we have provided a link to the Maui Food Bank’s donation page. Every small act of kindness and generosity can help ease the burden of those who are suffering, and we encourage you to stand with us in supporting the victims of these fires.

In times like these, our unity and compassion are more important than ever. Let us continue to be a source of strength for one another, offering a helping hand to those in need and showing that even in the face of adversity, we can come together to make a positive impact.

Thank you for being a part of our extended family and for your continued support.

Helmut, Nate, and Nadine

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