Alternative Fuels

Powering Your Marine Engine With Alternative Fuels

Discover a cleaner, greener future for your Volvo Penta engine with alternative fuels for marine engines. Innovations from the fuel industry not only propel vessels efficiently but also champion environmental sustainability. Join Helmut’s Marine in revolutionizing the seascape, where eco-conscious choices not only navigate towards a cleaner future but also contribute to a global commitment to safeguard our planet.

Volvo Penta Fuel Standards

Since 2016, Volvo Penta diesel engines have seamlessly embraced HVO, also known as “synthetic diesel”, offering a stable, high-quality fuel suitable for both marine and industrial applications. Derived from various vegetable and animal sources, HVO adheres to the CEN standard, EN15940, ensuring compatibility with diesel engines. Volvo Penta proudly endorses the use of HVO, either neat or blended with conventional diesel, across its global engine lineup.
The interest in alternative fuels, particularly HVO, is growing among Volvo Penta’s customers, driven by a shared commitment to environmental responsibility. As a pioneer in the industry, Volvo Penta continues to explore sustainable solutions that benefit both businesses and the planet. HVO, treated as diesel fuel, integrates seamlessly into Volvo Penta engines, providing a cleaner and more efficient option. While HVO exhibits differences in cetane number and density compared to traditional diesel, its sulfur-free composition aligns with Volvo Penta’s high standards.
Rest assured, Volvo Penta’s decade-long testing and measurement expertise ensure that HVO not only meets but exceeds the performance and environmental expectations, making it a reliable choice for a greener tomorrow. Achieve a remarkable reduction of fossil CO2 emissions by up to 90% without the need for additional certifications or approvals.

Hydrogen Is On The Horizon

You will soon be able to unlock the potential of hydrogen as a renewable resource to bolster your company’s decarbonization strategy. As a cleaner and equally efficient alternative to traditional diesel, hydrogen offers significantly lower exhaust emissions.

In collaboration with CMB.TECH, Volvo Penta is driving the industry toward net zero emissions. You will soon be able to explore the future of maritime propulsion with Volvo Penta’s hydrogen-diesel dual fuel solutions. These engines, based on the reliable D8 EU Stage V model, seamlessly integrate hydrogen as a primary fuel source, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 80% in a dual-fuel setup. This innovative technology allows operations to continue smoothly on traditional fuel when hydrogen is unavailable, ensuring uptime and productivity.

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Repowering With Alternative Fuel Marine Engines

Repowering, or fitting your vessel with a new engine, is a cost-effective and efficient way to get the most out of your marine experience. As an alternative to replacing your whole boat, repowering your Volvo Penta engine improves performance and reliability, adds new features, lowers emissions, and reduces the overall cost of ownership. If you’re in need of repowering, now is the time to consider alternative fuel engines.

Financial Benefits Of Alternative Fuel Marine Engines

Aside from reducing harmful emissions, there are several financial opportunities from alternative fuels. To find out what the possibilities are, reach out to Helmut’s Marine.

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Helmut’s Can Help You Utilize Alternative Fuels

At Helmut’s Marine, we’re a leader in environmentally friendly solutions for marine engines in the San Francisco Bay Area. To explore how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint, reach out to get the conversation started.