Keeping Up With The Times in The Marine Industry

Keeping Up With The Times – Even After 35 years in the Industry

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It’s been said that “if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward.” This is certainly true for boaters facing an ebb tide. But it’s also true in the marine industry.

We at Helmut’s Marine are truly appreciative of the last 35 years of business, but don’t want to rest on our laurels. We continually strive to better support our customers and increase our marine product offerings. And this requires us to keep up with the times. We’ve even updated our logo to reflect our growth as a company!

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Expanding our Facilities and Volvo Penta Inventory

Since our founding, Helmut’s has been building a Volvo Penta parts inventory that few dealers in the nation can match. We recently added to our facility (doubling it in size, in fact!), dredged our docks, and increased our inventory—because if you don’t have it, you can’t sell it! All of this has enabled us to serve more and more avid boaters.

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Expanding Our Helmut’s Marine Team

Our staff has been growing, too. We’ve added to our Service Department team to meet our growing customer needs, ensuring that we are up-to-speed on the intricacies of Volvo Penta products. We’ve also added a dedicated Outside Parts sales team, an extra person at the Parts Counter who assists with phone calls, emails, and walk-ins; and we’ve added new service writers and factory-trained technicians, all of which allows us to better serve our customers, including yachters, sailboaters, families, hobbyists, and commercial fisherman. And we are always looking to add new technicians so we can increase our speed and efficiency.

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Expanding our Volvo Penta Knowledge

Our factory-trained staff has always been fluent in Volvo, ensuring that our customers get the exact parts they need, the service and technical guidance required to ensure proper installation, and friendly care along the way. Whether it’s for boat engine service, repair, or repowering, we have exhaustive knowledge on all of Volvo’s marine offerings. That knowledge keeps expanding.

Our staff continues to earn up-to-date training and education. All of our team members—from parts to personnel to service—receive regular Volvo factory training to stay current on new technology, design changes, recalls, and whatever else comes our way.

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A Network of Marine Dealerships

We’ve also been adapting to larger industry change, as well. Volvo has given power centers more responsibilities, and because of that more dealers have come under Helmut’s Marine’s support system.

To better support your local Volvo Penta dealers, we have added an upfit center for our engine sales department. Additionally, we are offering additional support for the dealers, which includes a dealer Technical Account Manager. And we are actively looking at creating a training center at our facility.

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Same Great Passion for Boating

Yet with all of this growth, we at Helmut’s Marine continue to have a passion for boating, and are here to help our customers. We’re devoted to offering the highest standard of service and support, and will always be moving forward.

We continue our one brand focus. We’re here to help our customers with Volvo Penta engines, parts, and service for their boats so they can get the most out of their marine experience.

Some things will never change.

The Tech, the Specs, and the Expertise

We have the parts and the expertise to match. And we love being a resource for those who care as much about their boat as they do about being on the water, those who are intrigued by the tech and the specs and want to learn more from the experts.

If you want to learn more about Volvo Penta marine parts, engines, or Helmut’s Marine’s services, reach out or call us at 1-800-326-5135.